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Kidz Golf Tour

Kidz Golf have developed a new exciting structure for its tournaments in 2015/2016 with the a unique playing concept for junior golfers which has been designed around their physical age to encourage juniors to record their scores relative to par on a manageable course which is constructed relative to their maximum hitting distance with a driver. This new format of play will mean that competitors will only face holes of distances they can manage physically and will also mean that the correct completing of a scorecard will need to be carried out which educates them from an early age.

The Kidz Golf Length Appropriate Golf Course

Average Max Driver Length (Yards)Par 3 (Yards)Par 4 (Yards)Par 5 (Yards)9 Hole Max Length (Yards)18 Hole Max Length (Yards)
 200 150 3004502700 5400
150 112.50 225337.5020254050
100 75 150 22513502700
75 55 110 165990 1980

Please note these distances for each hole are only a guideline. You can alter these if you wish.