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We receive many enquiries from parents asking for more information about Kidz Golf and the golfing tuition programme. We have listed a few of the most Frequently Asked Questions below:


Can we visit you to see if our child wants to enrol in the programme?
Yes, we would welcome anyone who wants to come along and see what Kidz Golf is all about. We will be happy to explain everything to you and your child and look forward to seeing you.


Do I have to enrol my son for all 8 of the levels for him to start?
No. Although you are welcome to do so, you can also enrol him in each level individually. We often have kids who complete level 1 only to sign up for the rest and complete the programme.


What level should my child start at?
Entry level to the Kidz Golf is at level one for children with no golfing experience and level 3 is for those who have gained some initial experience. We will be happy to assess your child’s ability and advise you accordingly.


My child is only 6 – is this too young for him to start playing golf?
No not at all. In fact the earlier children start playing the better grounding for when they are older. Our programme is written to accommodate all age levels and is perfectly suited to young players.


Does my child need golf clubs and clothing?
No. Your Kidz Golf Professional will provide you with what you need to get started in your first course. If, after a while, you think you’d like to buy your own golf clubs or gear, then your Professional can help you make the right choice as they are experts in golf equipment as well as experts in golf coaching. Whatever you need to know about golf, always ask your Kidz Golf Professional. All we do ask is that you dress your child in suitable clothing for the weather conditions that day. If you wish you can purchase some cool kidz clothing from our Kidz Golf Pro Shop which has top quality clothing at sensible prices!


How old must I be to start the Kidz Golf programme?
The recommended age range for the Kidz Golf programme is 5 to 16 years old. However, we have had children as young as 3 years of age who have joined the programme and progressed brilliantly. As they say, the younger you start any sport, the better it is. We recommend you find your local Kidz Golf centre in the ‘Kidz Golf Locations’ section and give them a call for their advice.


I already play golf. Is Kidz Golf suitable for me?
Absolutely. You’ll learn so much from the Kidz Golf programme and, depending on how long you have been playing, you don’t necessarily have to start at Level 1. However, we have heard from hundreds of youngsters who, despite having played for some time, started Kidz Golf at Level 1 and said they learned so much from working their way through the entire programme that they would recommend all players would benefit from starting at Level 1. Speak to your local Kidz Golf PGA Pro for advice.


What is a PGA Pro?
PGA professional coaches are trained by the Professional Golfers Association and are respected the world over for their outstanding coaching skills. As well as being PGA Professionals our Kidz Golf coaches are highly trained and experts in junior coaching and development.


When does Kidz Golf run?
Most Kidz Golf centres will run a 10 week course of lessons, with a break for school half term, during the school term time. Speak to your local Kidz Golf Centre for more details, but you’ll find most clubs starting new Level 1 classes every 3-4 months. If you have missed out on the most recent start date why not click here and get you free 1 hour Kidz Golf lesson voucher to use whilst you’re waiting to get started.