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About Kidz Golf

Why Kidz Golf is the ULTIMATE Golf Tuition Programme for my child?…

The Kidz Golf Tuition Programme is guaranteed to provide FUN to all children of all ages and is the ULTIMATE way for your child to learn to play golf. Its aim is to provide the young golfer with all the basic skills and techniques needed to enjoy golf and develop as a player.

About Kidz Golf

Kidz Golf is for girls and boys…

Developed by highly skilled and experienced PGA Professionals who are experts in junior development, Kidz Golf is the ultimate solution for boys and girls from the ages of 5-16 years old who want to either start golf or, if you already play, play get better.

The programme…

The programme includes a comprehensive range of golf skills and techniques from driving to putting, all delivered in a fun and engaging way.

Players can start learning immediately as we supply all the equipment needed including a range of clubs, balls and tees.

We encourage learning through a balance of proven training methods and on course play which includes the rules of the game and understanding the golf etiquette.

Perfect Practice is a key subject in the manual and has been developed to provide continued development during practice sessions.

This programme gives you the perfect introduction to golf by showing you everything you need to know to enjoy playing golf which is a great game for life! What’s more you will meet lots of new friends and have loads of fun!

Coached by…

All Kidz Golf sessions will only be taught by highly trained PGA Golf Professionals who will get you playing golf with your friends in no time at all!

You can expect to have brilliant fun with Kidz Golf. That’s because Kidz Golf is dedicated to helping you learn virtually everything you need to know to become a great golfer.

With the Kidz Golf Tuition Programme you’ll learn all about the many different shots you’ll need to know and how to play them, as well as finding out about the fascinating rules and etiquette of golf (that’s how to act when you’re playing golf) and why they make the game unique and so much fun to play.

Once you’ve signed up with your local Kidz Golf PGA Professional, you’ll receive your fantastic Kidz Golf folder which you will be using each week to log your progress.

Get started…

Your first Kidz Golf course is level 1 which runs for 10 x 1 hour sessions, where you’ll also meet new friends who, like you, are keen to learn golf. Each subsequent level you take part in will also comprise 10 sessions of one hour, so that you’ll build up the skills and knowledge you need to make golf your favourite sport.

Fun activities and challenges…

There are currently 8 levels of achievement in the Kidz Golf Tuition Programme and each level is full of brilliant fun activities and fascinating new things to discover.

During each level you will be set 8 different fun challenges, pass them and you will be able to move to the next stage and have even more fun knowing you are improving. What’s more, when you successfully pass each level, you Kidz Golf PGA Professional will present your certificate to you in an Awards Presentation to highlight your achievements.

Is Kidz Golf available near you…

Many youngsters throughout the UK have already enjoyed taking part in the Kidz Golf Tuition Programme and discovering for themselves why golf is so much fun and one of the world’s favourite sports. We are continually looking to for new golf centres so if Kidz Golf is not near you at the moment, watch this space!

So don’t miss out – Join today and start on your journey of golfing discovery!